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'Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.' William Butler Yeats


At St. Augustine's, we strive to deliver a curriculum which is stimulating in content and provides all pupils with opportunities to develop an inquisitive mind and a love of learning. We use curriculum topics or themes throughout the school to enable pupils to develop key learning skills across all subjects.

Whenever possible, we look to take learning beyond the confines of the classroom, offering pupils quality learning experiences unique to the outdoors. We have been awarded the Learning Outside the Classroom Bronze Award in recognition of our commitment to outdoor learning.


If you have any concerns or queries regarding Special Educational Needs and/or Able and Talented provision, please speak to the SEND Coordinator, Mrs Joanne Coe.

'Attitude to Learning' poster


Vision Statement for Geography


From the moment we are born, it is our instinct to explore our world around us with all our senses. 


At St. Augustine's we want our children to have a curiosity and fascination of the world that will stay with them through their lives. We understand how it has never been more important for children to have a comprehensive global understanding of our world and the peoples and cultures that inhabit it.  Through this understanding, children will develop respect for the physical world and the vast scope of cultures that make up our diverse planet.


We aim to develop our children's interest in a variety of physical and human environments in the wider world by expanding horizons beyond their local community.  Opportunities to use a range of investigative and problem solving skills inside the classroom will be rooted in each topic area.  These skills will also be put into practice outside the classroom through local field work and exciting educational visits. 


Our primary focus is for all children to have a deeper understanding of the world, people, places and environments and how they are changing over time. 






Art and Design Curriculum


In art and design the children completed questionnaires to express their opinions about the subject. This was some of their responses;




River Lab Art

River Lab Art  1
River Lab Art  2
River Lab Art  3
River Lab Art  4
River Lab Art  5
River Lab Art  6