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Safeguarding Children

Dear Parents,


I am writing to you regarding the very serious issue of E-Safety and keeping children safe online.  The internet, social networking sites and use of portable tablet devices or phones are a way of life in society now and I feel that all adults/carers must adopt a proactive approach to safeguarding our children.


For many years, schools have held E-Safety awareness events but, tragically, we still see stories in the media of young people getting into serious difficulties.  I would like to draw to your attention what we, as a school, have planned this year.  On Monday 7th November all classes will take part in teacher-led E-Safety sessions.  The intention is to raise awareness and remind children about keeping safe online at an age-appropriate level.  We have links on our school website to ‘ThinkUKnow’ resources; again, these are age-appropriate.  To view these go to our school website then move the cursor to the ‘Children’ tab and click on ‘Keeping Safe’.  I strongly recommend that you look at these resources first and then, perhaps, sit with your child and go through them together.


As well as lessons for children, we will also hold a parents’ session at 3.00pm on 7th November to highlight the potential dangers to our young people in the online world. Please be aware that the content and materials used will be appropriate for adults and not children.

There is also link to the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection)website on our school website and it contains information for parents/carers.  To access this, go to our school website, ‘About Us’ tab and click ‘Safeguarding’.  You will also find a link to information about the Prevent Strategy which is the government counter-terrorism strategy to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism or extremism.


Thank you for your support with regards to these very important matters.  We all have a duty to ensure young people stay safe online in this rapidly changing digital world.


Yours sincerely,

Mr. Macaulay