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Vision, Mission & Values

'Serve the Lord in gladness'

                                                                          'Serve the Lord in gladness' 1


To provide an outstanding Catholic education which embraces the Kingdom of God and maximises the potential of all.


Our mission is to 'Serve the Lord in gladness' by...

  • Ensuring a safe, secure learning environment where children thrive surrounded by God's love.
  • Nurturing every child's unique gifts and talents given to them by God.
  • Being living witnesses to the teachings of Christ in our homes, school, parish and wider community.


Our 'Attitudes of Being' (Based on Matthew 5)


I will serve like Jesus by being:

  • Happy
  • Gentle
  • Just and fair
  • Forgiving
  • Honest
  • A peacemaker

I will serve like Jesus by being the best I can be!